When I met Eszter I was feeling exhausted and “stuck”, my energy level was much lower than usual. I have experienced dramatic changes in my energy levels and mood within days of having seen Eszter, although i do a lot of sports and yoga my stress level was extremely high at the time, however it was her who helped me to identify the root of my problem through the balancing session and the recommended flower remedies combined with mantra exercises. I am grateful for her helping me to get back on track with my life.

She has a level of acute awareness, expertise that is quite extraordinary. I cannot recommend Eszter highly enough.





After the balancing session with Eszter I discovered a new perspective regarding my problems. This has helped me

a lot in developing a new strategy and attitude and I immediately started to feel their positive effects. I am convinced that applying them persistently I will be able to achieve all those that seemed to be unachievable in the past. Thank you.





The balancing session yesterday was great! I think this one has started the most powerful emotional stress release wave in me:). This is incredible! I stopped ovethinking, I can feel that I have feelings:) and I am calm and relaxed at the same time. I have feelings that I acknowledge but do not ovethink. This is new to me in a good way. I think this has been a huge milestone. Thank you.





I keep telling to all my friends how much I can thank to you and to kinesiology. I just can’t believe what great changes your balancing brought to my life. I would have never thought that I can be this balanced mentally and spiritually. Thanks a lot.





I think it is easy to open up for EszterJ. She has helped me in several issues. She has balanced my insecurities in my relationship with my partner and my baby that was affected by giving birth. I think this has been very beneficial for me. I can only recommend her to everyone. Thank you very much.





I have nursed a lot of grievances and emotional pain from my past that caused serious problems in my life. These problems were so severe that my body has started showing physical symptoms. A friend of mine recommended Eszter. I felt much better right on the next day after balancing that has even improved since then. My mentality has changed and I am much relaxed since then. Thanks.





Kinesiological balancing has helped me get rid of a migraine. My symptoms went away right after the balancing and since then I have fewer and milder migraine attacks e.g. I am not as sensitive to weather changes as I used to be.


All in all I liked the whole kinesiological balancing. I can only recommend it to everyone. Well done!





I started feeling the effects of kinesiology 1-2-3 weeks after balancing. I already noticed smaller changes right after the session – I showed different attitude towards problems, my thinking has changed but it was only later when I felt the results. I needed a few weeks in order to make a decision and I realised that my attitude has changed and I saw things in a different light.


This new attitude includes less stress and clearer vision. The main change for me was that I was thinking with my heart and not with my mind. Sometimes it is impossible to use your mind when your heart advises you differently. This is the reason why we cannot see the wood for the trees or the trees for the wood.


One of my good friends and business partner once suggested me solving my problems as an outsider. He said if I wanted to be sure in making a good decision I should have to use my mind and not my heart. He said to observe the problem as an outsider and do what I would suggest to others do in a similar situation. I have long forgotten this but now you have helped me remembering my friend’s advice and regain my self-confidence that I had missed for clear thinking.


Without self-confidence we cannot make the right decision. We may be more frightened in these cases and in times when we know that we would make a wrong decision and that would lead us to a shorter or easier solution. Later we would  justify the wrong decisions with excuses. The only thing I would like to focus on is to be myself in every situation with everybody. I am not going to forget who I am, where I am heading and what my goals are.


I would like to be the vehicle of changes and goals in my life. I should not make the mistake of changing because of the problems I would face as this would mean losing my self-confidence.


I like the way you deal with the client’s issues and try to show the right directions to them.


Based on these experiences I can only recommend kinesiological balancing to everyone.


(Zoli, masseur, London)

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