What happens during a kinesiological balancing?

First we discuss the problem(s) you have. Then I use muscle testing to find blocks in your body. Muscle testing can be done while you are standing, sitting or on a couch (in your clothes) depending on the technique used. I test vitamin and mineral supplements to see if your system needs nutrition and massage various points on your body. We release and reprogram emotions attached to past experiences during Emotional Stress Release (ESR).

How many balancing sessions do you need?

This always depends on how long you have had the problem. An issue that has been in your life for a few years will need more sessions and you will feel changes already after the first balancing. I suggest three balancing sessions for a start. During this time you can experience the positive effect of balancing and you can decide if you want to work on your issues with kinesiology or want to try other techniques. It may happen that the first three session brings a great change in your condition and you will not need any more. Usually when a problem is solved another long buried one surfaces that you feel the need of solving. Regular kinesiology balancing helps keeping you in a good and positive mood.

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